Cobham’s Air-to-Ground Weapons Carriage and Release products for combat aircraft include a range of rail launchers and bomb racks which are compatible with a wide selection of smart and dumb munitions including Small Diameter Bomb, Brimstone and Hellfire missiles.

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Cobham's Air-to-ground weapons carriage and release systems are available for single or multiple weapons carriage applications in a range of configurations to suit all customer needs.  Cobham's bomb racks feature pyrotechnic, pneumatic, or electromechanical release systems of stores from 250 lbs to 3,500 lbs. 


Cobham has single, dual and triple rail launcher systems capable of integrating Hellfire & Brimstone class missiles for use on all types of aircraft, from helicopters to light attack to fast jets.  Cobham also has practice bomb carriage systems for use in training environments.

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