The Cobham family of Weapon Ejection Systems provide the pneumatic energy to rapidly unlock weapon release linkages and extend ejector pistons of weapon release systems on various bomb racks and carriages.

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Cobham pneumatic weapon ejection actuation systems feature cold gas deployment with nominal pressures up to 6,000 psig.  Nitrogen or compressed air can either be stored in an attached pressure vessel or fed from an onboard compressor.  The systems control the flow of gas allowing for the rapid unlock of release linkages and extension of ejector pistons for safe weapon separation from the aircraft.  Pneumatic weapons release technologies offer highly repeatable, clean ejection capability with greatly reduced lifecycle costs due to reduced maintenance requirements.


In addition to the on weapon ejection actuation systems, Cobham also offers complete, compact pneumatic compressor systems to generate compressed gas for the use in the weapon ejection system.


Weapon ejection systems and subsystems include:

  • Compact pneumatic airborne compressor systems
  • Pneumatic weapons ejection valves and manifolds
  • Specialty motor and motor controllers



Key customer benefits

  • Reduced lifecycle costs and maintenance requirements
  • High level of repeatability between ejections
  • Proven performance
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