Cobham’s weapon control and actuation systems encompass technologies used to control precision weapons to target. These technologies include control actuation systems and wing deployment systems.

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Cobham can offer a complete on weapon control actuation system utilising pneumatic, pyrotechnic or electromechanical power sources. These systems can be designed and packaged to fit even the most challenging envelopes and capabilities.  Additionally, Cobham can provide the heart of the control system.  Cobham's GBU Manifold Assembly is a cold gas, pneumatic fin actuation control subsystem that is used to control the movement of canard fins on laser guided bombs, allowing the weapon to adjust position in flight and track to the target.


Cobham's wing and tail deployment actuation systems rapidly deploy to mitigate weapon stability issues and increase range of stand-off, smart weapons.  Pneumatic and pyrotechnic systems offer high potential energy solutions at low cost and long storage life. Once the weapon is away from the aircraft, Cobham's pneumatic wing & tail actuators provide up to 15,000 psi of pneumatic pressure to rapidly deploy the wings and tail fin into their full open position for flight in as little as 1/10 of a second.


With its in-house broad system capability, Cobham can offer a more comprehensive solution for your weapons control and actuation needs.



Weapon control system, subsystems and components include:

  • Pneumatic Control Actuation Systems (CAS)
  • Pneumatic wing and tail deployment actuators
  • Pyrotechnic wing and tail deployment actuators
  • Stored gas actuation systems
  • Solenoids and solenoid valves
  • Accumulators
  • Fuel system isolation and pressurisation valves 






Key customer benefits

  • Pedigree in high-pressure pneumatic control 
  • High potential energy in compact package
  • Long storage life
  • Complete on-site development and test capability
  • Proven performance, 20+ years of high rate production
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