Highly customised stored gas cryogenic systems for missile and space-based missile defence infrared guidance system applications.

With expertise in pressure vessels, actuation, and proven experience in stored gas cryogenic systems, Cobham has the capability to design and manufacture a complete missile based cooling system. 


Optimisation through Integration

Offering high performance, cost effective solutions, your specific needs can be serviced in a number of ways. Cobham can supply off-the-shelf cryogenic cooling components such as mission proven high pressure gas bottles with integrated valves, or we can develop custom solutions to provide a fully optimized and integrated cryogenic system.


High Pressure Gas Bottles

Cobham has extensive experience in designing highly reliable and ultra long life gas storage bottles that are custom designed to fit within any seeker cavity.  Cobham's welded closed bottles provide unmatched sealing rates and can be manufactured from a variety of materials including inconel, stainless steel, or titanium and can be used to store argon, nitrogen or krypton.  Ensuring the gas flow remains pure from start to finish, the pyrotechnically actuated valve uses the same "metal to metal" sealing technology Cobham pioneered over 50 years ago. 


Cobham's cryogenic cooling systems can be found on missile applications such as Javelin, Tactical Tomahawk, and Standard Missile-3 and space-based missile defence applications such as the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) and Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle (EKV).


Components Include: 

  • High pressure gas bottles

  • Cryostats
  • Gas lines and tubes
  • Pyrotechnic valves
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