World leader in miniature, low power and lightweight cryogenic coolers enabling infrared imaging systems for tactical and commercial applications.

With decades of experience in manufacturing of cryogenic coolers, Cobham is the world's leading manufacturer of Stirling cycle linear cryogenic coolers for military and commercial infrared imaging systems. Cobham's cryogenic coolers are used in a variety of applications ranging from handheld radiation detectors to advanced airborne targeting and countermeasure systems.


Cobham's cryogenic coolers enable the technology that allow soldiers to "see" and identify persons or objects in total darkness as well as through smoke, dust, fog or clouds by cooling infrared heat sensors to cryogenic temperatures. 



High Reliability, High Efficiency, Small Form Factor

Cobham's cryogenic coolers are light weight and, for any given cooling capacity, offer the smallest outline dimensions in the industry.  With proven lifetimes in excess of 20,000 hours of operation, under military specified test conditions, Cobham leads the industry in tactical cryogenic cooler reliability.  Today, Cobham coolers can be found on almost all advanced airborne platforms.


Continuous Innovation

Cobham's newest innovation, the MicroCooler and the accompanying MicroController offers unprecedented size and weight reduction for linear cryogenic cooler and controller package.   These products are ideal for HOT applications in handheld or UAV platforms.



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