From high pressure stored gas to closed loop Stirling cycle cryogenic coolers, Cobham is a world leader in the cooling of sensors for infrared cameras, targeting and guidance systems, and countermeasures systems.

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Cobham's cryogenic expertise enables infrared systems all over the globe through ultra long life cooling devices for a variety of aerospace and defence applications.  Cobham works directly with customers to exceed mission specifications by providing cost effective, lightweight, long life, and low power consumption solutions.



Integrated subsystems and components include:

  • Linear cryocoolers
  • Pulse tube cryocoolers
  • Cryocooler controllers
  • Cryostats
  • Cryogenic battery cooling units
  • Pressure vessels for cryogenic systems
  • Gas lines


Stored Gas Cryogenic Systems 

With the capability to design and manufacture a full missile-based cryogenic cooling system, Cobham's high pressure gas cooling systems deliver pure gas to Joule-Thomson based infrared seekers on a variety of missile and space-based missile interceptors.


Linear Cryocoolers 

Enabling a wide range of commercial and military infrared imaging systems, Cobham's full line of Stirling cycle linear cryogenic coolers are the most reliable with smallest form factor available on the market.  Continuously innovating, Cobham's latest product, the MicroCooler, is the smallest cryogenic cooler available and provides the most attractive solution for HOT applications on handheld or UAV platforms.  



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