Cobham tactical control systems are found in demanding military applications, such as weapon ejection, weapon control systems and cryogenic infrared cooling, where precision control and rapid actuation is required.

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Cobham has more than 50 years of experience in high pressure pneumatics, pyrotechnics and cryogenic cooling. Within this vast pedigree in weapon and weapon systems applications, Cobham has the unique ability to offer tip to tail control solutions from weapon ejection, target identification and in-flight weapon control. Cobham's Tactical Control Systems offering ranges from components, through sub-systems, to complete end-to-end system solutions.



Weapons Ejection and Control Systems

Cobham's compressor systems provide on-aircraft pneumatic pressurisation capability with integrated motor control and moisture removal.  Pneumatic bomb racks and missile eject launchers, utilising Cobham's family of fast acting ejection valves and accumulators, provide repeatable, rapid ejection of weapons with reduced life cycle cost per ejection.


Following weapon release, Cobham's wing and tail deployment actuation systems provide rapid deployment capability to mitigate weapon stability issues and increase range.  Pneumatic and pyrotechnic actuation systems offer large potential energy solutions at low cost and long storage life.


Cobham offers the ability to encompass its experience in pneumatic, electromechanical and motor control into a complete weapon control actuation system package. Integrated control actuation systems (CAS) offer a custom solution that offers lower cost and reduced complexity.


Cryogenic Cooling Systems

For Infrared Targeting and Guidance Systems

Cobham's cryogenic expertise enables infrared systems all over the globe through ultra-long life cooling devices for a variety of aerospace and defence applications.  Cobham works directly with customers to produce systems which exceed mission specifications, such as cryocoolers and controllers, cryostats, and pressure vessels. Our family of products provides cost effective, lightweight, long life, and low power consumption solutions.


Solution Development through Customer Collaboration

Cobham's five decades of experience in custom design and manufacture of high pressure pneumatic, pyrotechnic and cryogenic systems gives it the unique ability to apply a vast skill set for solution development.  Cobham's belief in a collaborative relationship with customers allows it to work closely with potential customers to identify a requirement, then develop and optimise the solution.


With its pedigree and wide range of system design capability, Cobham can work with you as a strategic partner early in the design process to define specifications for system optimization.  Cobham's capabilities range from building integrated subsystems with our components as the foundation, to offering off-the-shelf solutions for the military and aerospace markets which reduce cost and program risk.



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