The Valve-in-Tank feed system assembly integrates our proportional flow valve technology into a tank. This design eliminates the feed system valve envelope to allow small satellites more room for more payload.

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This feed system can easily be combined with a thruster from an experienced thruster manufacturer. The envelope for this system can be tailored for a variety of applications and can be optimized for Xenon, Krypton or other high specific impulse, environmentally compatible propellants.


Key Features

  • Eliminates feed system envelope by integrating valves into tank
  • Multiple valves integrated into a single housing optimizes weight and volume
  • Compatible with Xenon and Krypton gas for electric propulsion
  • Reduced assembly, integration and test cost
  • Proven, low cost architecture suitable for high volume production
  • Can be delivered pre-filled with propellant
  • Full line of tank options
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