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Cobham Wins Contract for Space Launch System Pyrotechnic Valves

Cobham awarded contract by Boeing for pyrotechnic valves for the Space Launch System

Orchard Park, New York - Cobham announces a contract awarded by Boeing for pyrotechnic valves for the Space Launch System Exploration Upper Stage Reaction Control System.  The pyrotechnic valves will play a critical role in isolating helium gas pressurant from the propellant tanks, and isolating propellant from rocket engine modules.  This critical functionality will protect personnel when servicing the Exploration Upper Stage while on the ground, and will allow the engines to operate on demand once in space.



"This new contract for pyrotechnic valves is a welcome addition to the other products we supply to Boeing for the SLS, including check and relief valves, as we work together to expand access to deep space," said Stuart Buckley, Vice President, Business Development and Sales at Cobham Mission Systems.  "We currently anticipate delivering flight hardware in 2019."


As a world leading supplier, Cobham supplies pyrotechnic valves for other launch vehicles, satellites, deep space missions, and missiles applications. We also supply life support products, and commercial and government satellite and launch vehicle propulsion solutions.  Other product offerings include high pressure oxygen and nitrogen life support regulators, valves and assemblies, lightweight composite fuel tanks, service valves, solenoid valves, latching valves, xenon regulators, proportional flow control valves, and miniature valves for satellites.  We also understand the challenges of new space, and can readily modify our products to meet the technical and budgetary challenges of commercial space endeavours. 


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Cobham Mission Systems
Stuart Buckley
Vice President, Business Development and Sales
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Cobham Mission Systems
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Product Group Director Space Systems
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