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Cobham Qualifies Electric Propulsion Xenon Regulator

Cobham announces to the Space satellite industry that it has successfully completed qualification testing of its lightweight, high-flow electric propulsion Xenon regulator.

The flight-ready regulator, designed for use in satellite and spacecraft electric propulsion systems, plays a critical role in propelling satellites to orbit and station keeping to maintain orbital position. Qualifying the regulator marks an important milestone in Cobham’s overall strategy to bring highly competitive electric propulsion technologies to market.

“Because of our expertise in designing extremely efficient regulators and internal investment in support of the space industry, we stand ready to receive orders and begin manufacturing our flight qualified electric regulator”, said Michael O’Donnell, Vice President, Business Development and Sales, Cobham Mission Systems. The regulator is available in single stage and redundant dual stage configurations.

Along with the regulator offering, Cobham is currently working towards qualifying an innovative propulsion tank and feed system assembly called ViTA™, Valve in Tank Assembly. ViTA™ eliminates the feed system envelope by integrating valves into the propellant tank to create more room for more payload. Other products Cobham offers include pyrotechnic, service and solenoid valves, and lightweight composite fuel tanks either off-the-shelf or tailored to your specifications.

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For more information, please see our Electric Propulsion Xenon Regulator datasheet.

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