The Hypersonic Reaction Control Regulator is a direct acting single stage unit designed to flow nitrogen gas as an integral part of a cold gas system.

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This regulator is a fully qualified design and provides accurate pressure regulation with a high tolerance to random vibration and shock. The high performance regulator achieves a tight outlet pressure tolerance through the use of a lightweight composite helical/Belleville spring system.


With a metal to Vespel seat, the regulator is able to provide excellent internal leakage performance and repeatable seating performance. The regulator contains a 3/8" inlet and outlet tube, both with integral filtration. 


Part number B47630-1


Key Features

  • High performance 
  • High flow capacity 
  • Low leakage 
  • Lightweight



Item   Inperial  Metric



Inlet Pressure

 600 to 4,800 psig  (41 to 331 barg)
Outlet Pressure  285 to 315 psig  (20 to 22 barg)

Lockup Pressure

 325 psig  (22 barg)

Inlet Proof Pressure

 6,750 psig  (465 barg)
Outlet Proof Pressure  600 psig  (41 barg)

Inlet Burst Pressure

 11,250 psig  (776 barg)

Outlet Burst Pressure

 1,000 psig  (69 barg)


 0.150 lbm/s  

Internal Leakage

< 2.8 x 10-2 sccs


External Leakage

< 1.0 x 10-3 sccs



 1.0 lb max  (0.45 kg)
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