Cobham's advanced Electric Propulsion Xenon Regulators feature higher flow in a small envelope

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The flight-ready regulator, designed for use in satellite and spacecraft electric propulsion systems, plays a critical role in propelling satellites to orbit and station keeping to maintain orbital position. 

“Because of our expertise in designing extremely efficient regulators and our internal investment in support of the space industry, we stand ready to receive orders for our flight qualified electric regulator”, said Michael O’Donnell, Vice President, Business Development and Sales, Cobham Mission Systems.

The Xenon regulator is arranged in a series redundant configuration to ensure continued system function should either stage fail open. This arrangement is dictated by the application for which high operational reliability is required.  The regulator is also available in a single stage configuration.

Extremely low external leakage performance is achieved by employing welded closures to all external leak paths. The low weight of the regulator stems from optimal design and packaging of components around customer requirements.


Key Features

  • Series redundant and single stage configurations
  • Precise Regulation Band
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Low Leakage



Item  Imperial   Metric




Inlet Pressure

125 to 2,700 psig 

(8.6 to 186 barg) 

Outlet Pressure

37.0 +/- 1.8 psig 

(2.55 +/-0.13 barg)

Lockup Pressure

<50 psig 



<200 mg/s 

Internal Leakage

1.0 x 10-3 sccs


External Leakage 

1.0 x 10-6 sccs 





1.49 lb max 

(0.68 kg)

  B56330-2 0.87 lb max (0.40 kg)


Operating Environment

Item Imperial Metric


-13 to 122 deg F

(-25 to 50 deg C)


0 to 95%



17.56 grms 

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