With over 80 qualified vessel designs, Cobham’s composite pressure vessels can be easily integrated into existing and new systems where high performance gas storage is essential.

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Cobham's Demisable Propellant Tank is the first tank in the world designed to disintegrate upon re-entry into the atmosphere. This high performance propellant tank was created for NASA's Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission, which required tanks to create non-hazardous debris fields upon re-entry.


The lightweight, aluminum-lined, carbon composite pressure vessel is qualified to launch with 1,202 lbs of Hydrazine at 400 psig and designed to hold up to 1,600 lbs.


The hand layed-up, autoclave cured skirt integrates the propellant tank with the rest of the spacecraft structure. The composite skirt is attached to the tank via an adhesive bond.


Cobham, with its flight heritage in pressurant tanks for cold gas propulsion, fuel expulsion, and thrust vector control, also designs pressure vessels that store Xenon propellant.


Key Features

  • Aluminum-Lined, Carbon Composite Pressure Vessel
  • Aluminum Surface Tension Propellant Management Device 
  • Integral Carbon Composite Skirt
  • Designed and Qualified to AIAA S-081A
  • Spacecraft Interface using Stainless Inserts/Nutplates
  • 304L CRES Stub Tube for Gas Interface




Medium Hydrazine   
Fill Pressure 400 psi (27.5 bar)
Water Volume 47,111 ci (772 L)
Diameter 46.5" at interface (1180 mm)
Length 46.3" (1176 mm)


 99.5 lbs max (45.1 kg)
Operating Temp 36 to 122 deg F (2 to 50 deg C)
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