Cobham is designing critical cryogenic components for the next generation space propulsion systems as part of NASA's future launch system for deep space exploration.

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Our regulators, pyrotechnic valves and service valves are critical to satellite and launch vehicle propulsion systems. Pyrotechnic valves lock in fuel until needed, such as when entering the Mars atmosphere or landing on the planet’s surface. Our propulsion regulators regulate pressure to help propel satellites to orbit.

Offering high performance, cost effective solutions, your specific needs can be serviced in a number of ways. Cobham can supply space propulsion components from an extensive array of off-the-shelf, flight proven products, or we can develop custom components, or a fully optimized integrated subsystem.

Cobham's unique composite design and production capabilities have engineered the world's first demisable composite propellant tank, which disintegrates upon re-entry, extending the satellite's useful life by eliminating the need to consume precious fuel needed to reposition for re-entry at end of service life.


Optimisation through Integration

A Cobham pneumatic integrated subsystem differs from a traditional welded subsystem in that all of the components are integrated within a structure for optimal performance. By developing the entire system and its component parts, we can make adjustments to optimise operational efficiency between each of the components and arrange them compactly into a structure to give you a high-performance, safe, robust and lightweight propulsion system solution.


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