Cobham is developing life support technologies to support the next generation of manned space missions.

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Cobham is breaking new ground in space life support system design, developing robust life support control systems for next generation spacesuits.


Cobham's space products team provides the customer with maximum value by utilising our strong hardware heritage and unique design authority for all elements of pneumatic subsystems. By optimising the designs and interactions of the different elements of the subsystem, Cobham is able to provide solutions for robust, lightweight pneumatic subsystems with uncompromised safety and reliability.


Enabling the next generation of manned space exploration

The next generation spacesuit incorporates Cobham motor controlled, primary and backup oxygen regulators, which better accommodate an astronaut's oxygen demand by replacing legacy manually controlled designs. The regulators are integrated into the oxygen subsystem of the Portable Life Support System (PLSS) 2.0 of the next generation spacesuit.


The PLSS controls the entire environment inside the spacesuit and enables astronauts to perform space walks. The next generation suit will be designed to meet NASA's future space travel requirements. Going forward, the design of our regulators will continue to evolve as the suit design matures to sustain life for the next generation of space travel.

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