The Mobile Aircrew Restraint System (MARS) is the ideal safety solution for highly mobile military aircrew, law enforcement personnel and search and rescue teams.

To prevent highly mobile aircrew from being ejected during a crash event, hard landing or rough weather when working near open aircraft doors, Cobham Life Support developed the Mobile Aircrew Restraint System (MARS).  The MARS increases crew comfort and safety, replacing antiquated legacy systems by introducing inertia reel technology to mobile aircrew.


A derivative of the highly successful MA-16 Gunner's Reel, an inertia reel with dual-mode locking capability qualified to the rigorous MIL-R-8236F specification, the MARS system significantly increases mission effectiveness and enhances occupant safety and survivability.



Ideally suited for military aircrew, law enforcement personnel and search and rescue teams

When working in extreme environments, the MARS system is the ideal solution to ensure safety across a variety of missions.  Whether operating a rescue hoist or performing a surveillance mission, the MARS system provides the peace of mind to know that the crewmember will remain safely inside the aircraft at all times.


Improved survivability and mission effectiveness

The MARS improves safety and comfort for those that are traditionally tethered to an existing Crewmember Safety Belt, or Gunners Belt, by providing an inertia reel system, mounted to the ceiling of the aircraft, which reduces trip hazards and provides unprecedented safety during a crash event, hard landing or rough weather. 


Qualified on platforms such as H-60, V-22 Tiltorotor, MARS provides unmatched benefits including:

  • Increased Aircrew Comfort & Safety
  • Easily Adapts to existing or emerging aircrew harnesses or belts
  • Eliminates webbing slack
  • Minimises tripping hazards throughout the cabin
  • Self-Adjusting Webbing Length
  • Single-Handed Operation


Integration with Mobile Aircrew Vest Interface (MAVI)

Combining a MARS with a Cobham Mobile Aircrew Vest Interface (MAVI) provides the ultimate enhancement of occupant safety, mission performance and comfort.  The MARS and MAVI combination replaces the crewmember safety belt, or Gunners Belt, which reduces trip hazards throughout the cabin and increases survivability.


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