The MA-16 Inertia Reel System, setting the industry standard in pilot and co-pilot safety, is found on all military rotary and fixed wing platforms.

The MA-16 inertia reel system is the choice of all the U.S. Armed Services, Australian forces and most NATO countries for non-ejection seat aircrew restraint systems. It can be configured for pilot, co-pilot, gunner, medic and crew chief restraint applications.


Eliminating the relatively high failure rate of legacy inertia reels, the dual sensing MA-16 inertia reel is a significant and innovative safety enhancement during a hard landing or crash impact.  The MA-16 has the capability to lock by sensing strap acceleration and omni-directional impact forces reducing occupant flail and associated cockpit structure strike injuries during a crash.


Key benefits of the MA-16 Inertia Reel System include:

  • Dual sensing lock capability
  • Qualification to MIL-R-8236F
  • Zero failure rate during hundreds of tests and aircraft crash impacts
  • Significantly reduces occupant flail due to impact sensing capability
  • Reduces cockpit structure strike injuries

Demonstrated service life of at least 10 years

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