The Integrated Mobile Aircrew Restraint System (IMARS) for aircrew improves upon the MARS by using a “track and trolley” system providing greater access throughout the aircraft.

The IMARS system, utilising Cobham's inertia reel technology, enables aircrew members to complete a full range of required mission tasks by allowing freedom of movement and full access throughout the aft cabin and the ramp area.  As an evolution of Cobham Life Support's Mobile Aircrew Restraint System (MARS), the Integrated Mobile Aircrew System (IMARS), originally designed for the CH-53K, interfaces directly with the airframe and consists of a "track and trolley" system.  This mobile inertia reel can be fixed to multiple set positions along the track, allowing for greater range of mobility throughout larger airframe cabins.  During a crash event or hard landing, the inertia reel locks the webbing in place enhancing occupant survivability. 


Key features of the IMARS include:

  • Allows for greater movement throughout the entire aft cabin and ramp area
  • Prevents occupant ejection from the aircraft
  • Reduces the likelihood of injury due to contact with interior surfaces
  • Restrains crew, limits motion and displacement during survivable aircraft crashes or hard landings
  • Automatically locks within one inch of webbing displacement


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