Cobham’s Ejection Seat Restraints, from Lap Belts to the Ballistic Powered Inertia Reel keep ejection seat aircraft pilots safe around the world.

Ejection Seat Lap Belts

Cobham's lap belts, specifically designed for ejection seat applications, are constructed in two connectable sub-assemblies.  The sub-assemblies, one each for left and right hand, include the Cobham's webbing adjusters which are integral to the buckle, providing tension adjustment and securing loads up to 5,000lbs.  All buckles have a low profile, eliminating the potential of snagging during an ejection. 


Ballistic Powered Inertia Reel

Cobham Life Support's Ballistic Powered Inertia Reel (BPIR) for ejection seats improves performance over legacy systems.  The modernized Cobham BPIR repositions the pilot's back firmly against the seat to properly position the body during an ejection.


Key benefits of the Ballistic Powered Inertia Reel include:

  • Ideally suited for expanded aircrew population
  • Reduces the risk of spinal injury during an ejection sequence
  • Designed to fit all ACES II and ACES V ejection seats
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