Leading the industry with innovative and reliable rotary wing restraint systems for customers worldwide.

Cobham Life Support's qualified fixed and rotary wing restraint systems includes two, three, four and five point harnesses as well as inertia reels including the Mobile Aircrew Restraint System (MARS) and the MA-16 inertia reel system - the industry standard for pilot and co-pilot safety.


Cobham has recently developed the Integrated Mobile Aircrew Restraint System (IMARS), which allows for greater range over the MARS system through the use of a "track and trolley" system.  Continuously innovating, Cobham's Pretensioning Aircrew Restraint System (PARS) exemplifies the next generation in occupant survivability.  Providing maximum protection without sacrificing comfort, Cobham's restraints increase occupant survivability for pilots, co-pilots, troops and gunners.  Cobham's restraint systems can be found on many platforms in the world including H-1, H-60, CH-47, CH-53, V-22 Tiltrotor, OH-58 and Apache helicopters. 

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