Cobham is an industry innovator enhancing soldier safety and survivability for military combat vehicles with its range of Combat Vehicle Restraint Systems.

Cobham Life Support has the capability to cost effectively incorporate multiple design configurations to meet any ground vehicle requirement.  Cobham can offer two, three, four and five point buckle restraint configurations as well as gun turret restraint systems that are designed to MIL-SPEC, FMVSS and OEM Specifications.



Building on our aviation restraint heritage

Cobham Life Support's longstanding reputation providing restraint systems for the aviation market including the MA-16 inertia reel, Mobile Aircrew Restraint System (MARS) and multi-point harnesses, Cobham's Combat Vehicle Restraint Systems provide innovative, cost effective solutions to exceed customers' needs.


Innovative Combat Vehicle Restraint Solutions

Exemplified by the Improved HMMWV Restraint System, Cobham Life Support has the proven ability to quickly and innovatively respond to customer requirements and develop a solution that is rugged, reliable and enhances survivability. Designed to withstand harsh environments, the restraint system uses a rugged military style buckle which offer easy cleaning and maintainability.  The two piece breakaway will not snag on gear or present an issue with an occupant's arm getting caught in the "V" of a typical three point harness. 


Cobham's Improved HMMWV Restraint System addresses the safety needs of occupants being transported within military tactical and combat vehicles by:

  • Rapid donning and egress design
  • Easy to find and use
  • Reduced snag hazards
  • Remove and stow straps quickly
  • High strap retraction spring rates
  • Longer straps fit outsized occupants and over extra gear
  • Easy open buckle with either hand or with hand injuries
  • Buckle rotation limiters
  • Buckle adjusters for battle gear


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