A highly innovative range of personnel restraint systems for use on military ground vehicle and aircraft platforms worldwide.

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Cobham's restraint systems have been in use by militaries worldwide in ground vehicle, rotary and fixed wing aircraft applications for over 40 years.  A market leader in restraint systems and personnel harnesses, Cobham offers restraints that provide the highest levels of occupant protection while continuously innovating to develop next generation restraint system solutions for pilots and crew members.



Advancing Restraint Technology

Cobham's MA-16 inertia reel is fielded all over the world on rotary and fixed wing aircraft platforms.  Cobham has built on this MA-16 technology to develop next generation restraint systems including the Mobile Aircrew Restraint System (MARS) and the Pretensioning Aircrew Restraint System (PARS).  The MARS system, equipped with a dual-mode locking inertia reel, enhances capability over legacy systems by preventing highly mobile aircrew from being ejected during a crash event and providing fall protection when working near open aircraft doors or hatches.  The PARS, a modular system that enhances the capability of existing MA-16 inertia reels, removes harness slack and quickly secures aircrew member's upper torso prior to impact.  


Restraints for Any Application

Cobham designs and manufactures customised restraints for rotary wing, fixed wing and ground vehicle applications. Cobham has the capability to cost effectively develop restraint systems that exceed customer expectations and provide unmatched safety.

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