Cobham is the world’s leading provider of water activated parachute releases for a variety of applications that excel in harsh environments.

Cobham's family of water activated parachute releases are designed to operate in harsh environments when proper function is critical in applications such as in ejection seat aircraft pilot's parachute harness, solid rocket booster retrieval, and cargo and payload drops including rigid hull inflatable boats. Cobham can provide extensive array of off-the-shelf, flight proven releases, or we can develop custom water activated releases tailored to a specific application. 




Cobham's Universal Water Activated Release (UWARS) and Sea Water Activated Release (SEAWARS), in service by militaries around the globe, automatically disconnect the parachute canopy from an ejection seat pilot member upon immersion in water.  UWARS and SEAWARS are battery operated, water activated electro-explosive devices that do not interfere with manual operation of the parachute release and will not inadvertently activate when exposed to rain, humidity or salt fog.  Water activated parachute releases save lives.


Water Activated Parachute Release Key features:

  • Fully qualified US Air Force and US Navy
  • Advanced electronics yield extremely high reliability
  • Activates within two seconds when immersed in sea water
  • Device quickly and easily installs in-line with parachute riser assembly
  • Built-In-Test (BIT), with a Go/No-Go indicator light, eliminates need for additional test equipment
  • Installed service life of six years and total shelf life of nine years


Payload Parachute Release Systems

Cobham also designs and manufactures water activated, electro-explosive, Payload Parachute Releases Systems (PPRS) customised for a variety of other payload applications.  These systems excel when used for aerial delivery of heavy payloads.  From the United States Space Shuttle's solid rocket booster parachutes to overwater drops of Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIB), Cobham has broad experience in designing customised parachute releases for a variety of payload applications.



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