Critical life saving device designed to increase survivability of a downed aircrew member over water by releasing the mask bayonet.

Cobham's Water Activated Mask Release (WAMR) releases an aircrew member's oxygen mask bayonet to allow for respiration in the event of a sea water landing. The WAMR provides the same critical life saving benefits as Cobham's Cartridge Actuated Cutter (CAC).  The device actuates once the aircrew member has resurfaced from a water landing. 


Key features of the WAMR include:

  • Installed in the same location and manner as the standard bayonet receiver assembly
  • May be installed on either side or both sides of helmet
  • Device arms itself after submerging and then actuates after clearing the water
  • Allows the pilot to breathe naturally while floating
  • WAMR body will separate after actuation, leaving the plastic spacer and jaws on the helmet
  • Will not actuate when subjected to rain or while underwater
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