Cobham is a leading provider of manual parachute releases for a variety of applications that excel in harsh environments.


Cobham's family of manual parachute releases is designed to release easily under high parachute riser loads and is in use by ejection seat pilots all over the globe.  From the first generation parachute releases, to the most current Low Load Second Generation Parachute Canopy Release, Cobham has a full spectrum of capability depending on the customer's unique requirement.



Manual Parachute Release Features:

  • Under a tension of 600lbs will require less than 15 pounds of manual force
  • Ideally suited for today's expanded aircrew population under parachute drag conditions
  • Current Frost spec: is no more than 35 lbs release force for a 300lb load
  • Color change: to identify that it is a low load frost fitting
  • Drop-in on the harness side with no change to the male fitting


Low Load Second Generation Parachute Canopy Release

Cobham's second generation manual parachute release is the most technologically advanced manual parachute release on the market.  Based on our successful the H. Koch & Sons Co  original design, it is released with less than 15 pounds of manual force under high riser loads.


The second generation parachute release enables the downed aircrews to separate themselves from their parachute canopy under the most severe land and water drag conditions, protecting them from potentially lethal injuries. During daily operation the manual canopy release features a tactile and audible "snap‑in" secure male connection, and Cobham's two motion single‑handed release mechanism. A safety latch roll bar mechanism prevents inadvertent opening under inertial loading, snagging or windblast. 


Key features of the Low Load Second Generation Canopy Release include:

  • Less than 15 pound manual release force under high riser drag loads
  • 8,500 pound tensile strength construction
  • Inertia proof mechanism
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Subdued black matte finish available
  • Weighs less than 10 ounces


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