Critical life saving device designed to increase survivability of a downed aircrew member over water by opening a breathing path in the oxygen hose.

Cobham's Cartridge Actuated Cutter (CAC) punctures a hole into an aircrew member's oxygen hose, providing an open air passage to an unconscious or incapacitated crew member.  The CAC provides the same critical life saving benefits as Cobham's Water Activated Mask Release (WAMR).  These critical life saving devices actuate once the aircrew member has resurfaced from a water landing. 


Key features of Cobham's Cartridge Actuated Cutter include:

  • Device circuitry is completely inactive prior to immersion
  • Preventing water inhalation, the device arms itself after submerging and actuates, puncturing the oxygen hose, after clearing the water
  • Can be used on chemical and biological defence hood and mask systems
  • Unique and simple design allows in-line installation by end user
  • Indicator flag to show that the unit has been activated
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