Cobham, the market leader in parachute releases and cutters, designs and manufactures both water activated and manual parachute releases and water activated cutters and mask releases.

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Cobham Life Support's releases, utilising both manual and water activated technology, provide increased survivability for ejection seat pilots around the globe and provide increased mission effectiveness of payload drops.  These highly reliable products, including Cobham's family of manual and water activated parachute release systems, the Cartridge Actuated Cutter (CAC), and the Water Activated Mask Release (WAMR) are military qualified and have been used in fighter aircraft, space and other military cargo applications. 


Water Activation Technology

With decades of experience in supplying water activated electro-explosive release systems that excel in harsh environments, Cobham can provide extensive array of off-the-shelf, flight proven products, or we can develop custom water activated releases tailored to a specific application. 


Off-the-shelf options include parachute releases such as the Universal Water Activated Release System (UWARS) and water activated cutting devices such as the Cartridge Actuated Cutter (CAC), which punctures a hole into an aircrew member's oxygen hose, providing an open air passage to an unconscious or incapacitated crew member.

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