Cobham, using its pedigree in pyrotechnic actuation, designs and manufactures multiple pyrotechnic cable cutters and pin pullers for a variety of applications.

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Cobham Life Support's cable cutters use an explosive actuation transferred into linear motion to apply high kinetic energy to displace the cutter blade. The moving cutter then severs the cable material and concludes against the anvil.  The cable material is instantaneously released. The straightforward design is applied to a variety of emergency applications including release cables of large antenna, NASA launch vehicles and naval underwater applications.  


Fully customisable Pyrotechnic Cable Cutter designs

Cobham has a wide array of off-the shelf cable cutter designs available. Additionally, Cobham has the capability to design and manufacture cable cutters optimised for up to 1¾" stainless steel cables for air, land or undersea applications.


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