Cobham is the leading manufacturer of Special Forces and Navy military diving rebreathers. Cobham underwater rebreather systems are deployed around the world from the Arctic to the Equator.

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Cobham's military dive rebreathers, in service around the world, provide increased capability to Special Forces and enhance mission effectiveness.



Combat/Special Forces

The S-Series chest mounted rebreathers have been developed specifically for shallow water and Special Forces applications.


Mine Clearance Operations 

The Viper series re-breathers are low profile; free swimming sets ideally suited for Mine Countermeasures (MCM) and rapid deployment operations.


Cobham is the manufacturer of the US Navy MK16 electronically controlled underwater rebreather. The MK16 and its A5800 derivatives use advanced technology to fulfil a variety of military roles.


Key Features of Cobham's Military Dive Rebreathers include:

  • Low profile
  • Modular configuration to meet a variety of operational requirements
  • User maintainable in the field - low cost of ownership
  • Rugged & reliable
  • Low work of breathing


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