With expertise in high pressure gas management and oxygen systems, Cobham has designed a world-class lightweight, high performance breaching system that precisely, consistently, and safely delivers high pressure oxygen cutting.

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Leveraging its expertise in high pressure gas management, Cobham worked closely with operators and end-users to develop its suite of breaching torch systems available in three sizes to fit your mission needs.


This suite of oxygen cutting tools uses a precisely controlled oxygen stream to produce a torch with temperatures in excess of 10,000 F.  The torch systems feature portable high pressure (4,500 psig**) composite oxygen cylinders for longer operational duration and a valve and regulator assembly for rapid and discreet cutting through a variety of materials.


A common valve, regulator and torch handle seamlessly integrates three different size cylinders. A balanced regulator provides constant flow for predictable cutting. Rods can be replaced quickly using the the torch handle quick disconnect feature and a flame arrestor provides increased safety. The torch handle has an integrated on/off mechanism and flow selector.


Cobham lightweight, low-profile, extended duration exothermic breacher systems offer advanced design and ruggedness compared to legacy systems by applying lightweight composite cylinder design, high pressure gas management expertise and manufacturing technology to meet operator needs in extreme and hostile environments.





System Features

  • Integration of state-of-the-art high pressure oxygen system design and materials providing optimum operator safety
  • Three separate size options to provide for a variety of missions
  • Lightweight, high pressure composite cylinders for extended duration
  • Advanced gas regulation for consistent burn and optimisation of compressed gas  
  • Common valve, regulator and torch handle - across all three sizes -  for ease of maintenance and extended service life
  • A quick disconnect for cutting rod to allow for rapid disposal and re-loading


Three sizes for enhanced capability and portability




Crew Serve

Operating Pressure

4,500 psig

4,500 psig

4,500 psig

Cutting Time*

3.5 minutes

17 minutes

65 minutes

Expanded Gas Volume

20 ft3

102 ft3

391 ft3


5.25 lb

23 lb

115 lb

Part Number




* Estimate based on 175 slpm; time will be increased at lower flow settings.
** For transportation DOT rated pressure with oxygen is 3,000 psig.


Key customer benefits

  • Pedigree in high pressure gas management for a variety of aerospace applications
  • Variable capacity
  • Modular system
  • Easy system maintenance
  • High performance and reliability
  • Improved safety over existing designs


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