Cobham designs and manufactures rugged and reliable vacuum packed life rafts that are customised for individual applications.


Packaged with Cobham's proprietary zero-leak inflation system, vacuum packed life rafts can be inflated manually by pulling on a lanyard, automatically by gravity drop, or water activated upon immersion.  With vacuum packed rafts, the customer enjoys numerous benefits including a significant reduction in maintenance costs, extended service life and reduced inspection cycle time.  Additionally, the raft occupies less space in the aircraft or helicopter, providing more room to safely complete the mission.  


Cobham has delivered thousands of vacuum packed life rafts for various customers around the world.  With this pedigree, Cobham has the capability to vacuum pack any sized raft according the customers unique size and shape requirements to fit specific mission needs.



Key benefits of Cobham's vacuum packed life rafts

  • Zero leak inflation system

  • Significant size reduction

  • Zero maintenance

  • Reduced inspection cycle time

  • Extended service life


Vacuum Packed Life Rafts available

  • Joint Single Place Life Raft (JSPLR) features a canopy that can be closed for protection from the environment or opened and used for a signaling device.
  • Air Warrior Life Raft is part of a comprehensive 21st century force-protection suite in service by the aviation branch of the Army. This integrated safety and survivability gear worn on the body currently has multiple subsystems. It is designed for aircrew personnel in rotary wing aircraft.

20 Man Vacuum Packed Life Raft, with heritage on the C-130, has a rugged and compact transit case which facilitates rapid deployment ensuring safe and timely emergency egress from aircraft.  It is configured for multiple deployment applications allowing greater flexibility to meet varied mission requirements.


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