Cobham’s Helicopter Emergency Egress Lighting System (HEELS) ensure cabin exits are clearly lit during emergency when visibility is poor.

In an emergency situation, locating clearly lit egress exits is critical to survival whether it is during a ditching into dark, turbid water or a smoke and dust filled cabin. Cobham HEELS allows passengers to identify emergency escape hatches, exits and push-out windows by illuminating their perimeter to guide them to safety.



Brighter lights, exceeding civil requirements borne from Cobham's military experience

  • Cobham's LED HEELS lighting systems are up to ten times brighter than FAA requirements.
  • Cobham HEELS are highly reliable and long lasting thanks to an innovative alternative to the traditional LED
  • Cobham HEELS uses leading edge diode and substrate technology for a simple robust design
  • As a result, strips are brighter than required and easier to install 
  • Complying with 14 CFR 29.812 Emergency Lighting, FAR 27.807(3) and 14 CFR 29.812(e) and JAR-OPS3, Cobham's  HEELS are DO-160 Qualified for temperature, ESS, shock and water submergence.
  • Cobham's legacy HEELS used on military platforms complies with MIL-L-85676(AS).


Providing multiple activation methods regardless of situation:

  • Automatic illumination if aircraft power is lost or when water sensor immersed in water
  • Manually illuminated using cockpit three mode switch - ON, OFF, ARMED
  • Battery-operated independent lighting system

Key customer benefits:

  • Automatically activates upon ditching or loss of power to illuminate exits
  • Triggered by a water sensor, crash sensor or rotor Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG)
  • Leading edge Light Emitting Diode technology
  • Brightness exceeds regulatory requirement
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Robust design for maximum life, no fragile parts
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Owner-replaceable battery pack



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