With expertise in high pressure gas management and reliably fast actuation designed for harsh environments, Cobham’s compact and lightweight emergency inflation systems enable aircraft evacuation slides, raft systems and helicopter flotation equipment to deploy

As the fundamental enabler of emergency inflation systems for fixed and rotary wing aircraft, Cobham designs and manufactures a wide range of compact, lightweight cylinders, valves, and aspirators for commercial and military aircraft evacuation slides, raft inflation and helicopter flotation equipment. Applying core technology such as high pressure gas management and lightweight composite cylinder design, Cobham's fixed-wing and helicopter inflation and flotation  systems set the industry standard for performance, weight and reliability.



Innovative, Lightweight, Reliable

Cobham has applied its expertise in high pressure gas management to multiple applications including aerospace oxygen systems, weapon control actuation, and personal inflation systems. With this expertise, Cobham can choose an off the shelf design or custom design an optimised system for a specific application. Cobham's highly reliable cylinders, valves, and aspirators, found on military and commercial aircraft platforms flying today, offer significant weight savings for our customers.


Key customer benefits:

  • Pedigree in high pressure gas management for a variety of aerospace applications
  • From off the shelf designs to a custom integrated assemblies
  • Reduced weight and size
  • Zero leakage
  • Fast discharge times
  • Safe and reliable performance
  • Reusable bottle and valve systems
  • Lower customer support costs 


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