Cobham’s market leading Safety and Survival systems increase mission effectiveness and survivability by leveraging technology expertise in restraint and release, actuation, gas management, and water sensing

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Cobham designs and manufactures market leading, innovative Safety and Survival systems, from platform based systems including emergency flotation, escape and lighting systems for rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft to personal systems including aviation restraint systems and specialist dive rebreathers. 


Increasing Mission Effectiveness

Cobham's Safety and Survival systems significantly increase mission effectiveness.  Cobham's Restraint Systems, specifically the Mobile Aircrew Restraint System (MARS), gives highly mobile aircrew members the ability to complete a range of missions while working near open aircraft doors.  Additionally, Cobham's Military Dive Rebreathers provide Special Forces with greater capability by offering a low profile, modular system ideally suited for any mission.


Enhancing Survivability

Cobham's Safety and Survival systems significantly enhance survivability in harsh environments.  Cobham's emergency egress systems and components, including emergency escape slide cylinder and valves for commercial aircraft, enhance survivability by providing ultra-reliable, lightweight performance allowing passengers to safely exit the aircraft.  Additionally, Cobham's restraint systems and parachute releases offer market leading solutions to customers to enhance safety for ground vehicle and airborne applications. 

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