The 2800 Multifunctional Tester, a seal strength and leak integrity tester, performs up to 8 distinct tests, allows you to define fields for sorting data, stores test setups and data, and can be networked… all this and more with the same ease of use Test-A-Pack systems are known for.

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The 2800 on-board Windows 7 PC based system is used with our standard fixtures. A unique feature that sets the 2800 apart from other leak testers is that when combined with Cobham's patented open package leak test fixture, the 2800 can test open pouches for leaks before they are sealed!


Test Fixture Accessories:

  • F100-1320-10 Closed Package Test Fixture
  • F100-1800-1 Open Package Test Fixture (Required for Leak Testing)


2800 Key Features

  • Eight types of tests available:
  1. Mass Flow Leak Test
  2. Mass Flow to Burst
  3. Pressure Decay  (ASTM F2095)
  4. Pressure Decay to Burst
  5. Creep Test  (ASTM F1140, ASTM F2054, F2096)
  6. Stepped Creep Test
  7. Dual Test - Creep to Burst  (ASTM F1140, ASTM F2054
  8. Burst Test  (ASTM F1140, ASTM F2054)
  • Real-time graphical test display
  • Network capable
  • Barcode scanning capable
  • Stores large number of unique package test setups
  • User-defined sortable data
  • Provides basic statistics(mean, variance, etc.)
  • Easy to setup and operate
  • 15" touch screen
  • 0.2% pressure accuracy
  • 0.3 in H2O resolution
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