The 2700 leak detector test system provides a simple, visual method for verifying the integrity of non-porous packages used in medical, pharmaceutical, and food processing applications.

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The F100-2700-1 Integrity Tester is designed to be used with a package test chamber (sold separately) for testing various packages. It regulates the vacuum source (optional pumps also sold sparately) while providing test data on the display screen.  


A check valve located on the tester's chamber port prevents water contamination during a test. When using the Integrity Tester in conjunction with a test chamber, the exact location of any package leak can be detected. The test data, time, machine settings and results can be automatically printed out for your records using the optional Test-A-Pack printer. The tester displays readings in inches or millimeters of mercury (gauge or absolute) and can also provide values in feet of altitude up to 50,000 ft.


F100-117X Package Test Chamber    

The F100-117X Test-A-Pack Package Test Chamber is used in conjunction with the F100-2700-1 Integrity Tester to test the integrity of non-porous, flexible packages. The transparent vacuum test chambers can be used with or without water to detect leakage in the package seal or material. Three sizes are available to accommodate a wide variety of products.

  • Test-A-Pack quality and reliability
  • Available in three sizes
  • Quick disconnect pressure fittings


Vacuum Pumps  

Test-A-Pack also offers optional 110VAC and 220VAC pumps to provide a vacuum source to the test chamber.



2700 Key Features

  • Test-A-Pack quality and reliability
  • Fast, accurate, repeatable testing
  • Fully digital, automatic vacuum control
  • Altitude simulation capacity
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