Cobham's Orchard Park, NY facility offers full service customer support, from product training to aftermarket servicing and exchange programs, providing added safety and reliability.

For an AOG to be considered valid, the following information must be provided before further action is taken via the contact telephone number of 716-479-7013.

  • Contact name and telephone number of person requesting AOG support
  • Name of company or airline
  • Part number required for AOG support
  • Is this part number currently at Carleton Technologies for repair?
  • Is this a potential warranty consideration?
  • Aircraft type and Federal Identification Number (Tail Number) of aircraft grounded
  • Location of aircraft grounded
  • A Purchase Order for this AOG will be required.  Is the contact person prepared to accept the quote with an AOG fee added to the invoice?
  • If the above information is provided and can be agreed to, please contact Cobham in Orchard Park
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