Cobham’s breathing regulators, integrated as part of the entire oxygen system, are the most widely fielded family of oxygen regulators in the world, providing unparalleled performance and reliability.

Beginning with the design of the first breathing regulator used in US manned spaceflight, Cobham has unique pedigree in developing state-of-the-art oxygen regulators for a variety of applications and mission profiles. Used in a variety of configurations including cockpit panel, ejection seat, chest, and mask mounted, are specifically designed for a wide range of inlet pressures, environmental conditions and mission applications. 


Drawn from heritage in manned spaceflight, Cobham regulators have kept astronauts, pilots, aircrew and passengers safe for decades and are designed to accommodate vastly diverse mission profiles.  A single Cobham regulator can deliver oxygen to one person or up to 100 people.  Regardless of the mission, Cobham has either an off-the-shelf solution or can custom design an oxygen regulator to satisfy any customer requirement.



Regulator families include

Aircrew and pilots: Cockpit panel mounted, Chest mounted, Ejection Seat mounted, Mask mounted

Passengers: Portable oxygen regulators, Centralized reducers, Centralized flow control units


Components include:

Reducers, Integrated Terminal Blocks, Connectors


Ground Support Equipment:

Cobham's expertise extends beyond the design of the regulator itself. Many of Cobham's regulators are accompanied by a suite of ground support equipment and testers enabling the customer to test on-site to ensure proper system function. Cobham offers manual and automated ground support and test equipment in a variety of different configurations from on-aircraft test equipment to depot level test stands.


Benefits of Cobham's Regulators

  • Wide range of off-the-shelf product offering currently in service with global militaries
  • Custom oxygen regulators with the ability to handle inlet pressures greater than 4,500psi
  • Highly reliable, low maintenance
  • Inherently safe regulator design - expert in design practice and material selection
  • In-field support equipment to allow organizational to depot level maintenance and support


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