Cobham Portable Oxygen Systems provide a safe, reliable source of oxygen, allowing the crewmember unlimited movement without sacrificing mission requirements.

Cobham leverages its expertise in gaseous oxygen systems to design portable oxygen systems that provide extended duration and increase mission performance.  Cobham offers off-the-shelf portable systems or can configure lightweight composite high pressure oxygen cylinders and oxygen regulators to customise a portable system for any application.   


Cobham's portable oxygen system can be found on most cargo and transport aircraft.  Combined with the A-21 regulator, the standard on all US Air Force portable systems, the portable oxygen system provides a 100%, low pressure oxygen solution to an air crewmember performing activities while oxygen is required. The system has four distinct settings, Normal (demand breathing), one emergency setting and two positive pressure settings corresponding to the physiological requirements of 30,000 ft. (9,144 m) and 42,000 ft. (12,802 m).


Benefits of the portable oxygen system:

  • Regulator conforms to MIL-7605F
  • Multiple refilling options including from aircraft LOX system or OBOGS systems
  • Includes a type A-21 regulator with four distinct settings
  • Compatible with all approved US Air Force breathing masks
  • Standard pull away connector
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