Cobham OBOGS configurations, currently installed in 3,800 aircraft flying today, have accumulated over 7 million OBOGS flight hours - 30 times more than competitors.

Utilising Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology, Cobham's OBOGS provide an unlimited supply of breathing oxygen to pilots, enhancing mission safety and reliability, while requiring less maintenance over legacy systems. 


Cobham's high performance and high reliability OBOGS, fielded on fighter, trainer, transport and tiltrotor aircraft, provide logistics costs savings over traditional GOX or LOX systems as well as simplifying battlefield operations in point-of-use oxygen applications. OBOGS reduces the dependence for heavy, bulky steel bottles that add more stress and weight to the aircraft, as well as eliminates the risks associated with the handling and use of LOX. 


Military end users can realize a significant cost savings based on significantly lower operational costs compared to GOX/LOX. 


Oxygen monitors ensuring system performance

Each of Cobham's OBOGS is equipped with an oxygen monitor ensuring sufficient oxygen purity at all times for any mission profile.  Continuously innovating, Cobham's newest OBOGS designs come with the oxygen monitor built into the system, reducing system maintenance time and cost.   


Support equipment for all levels of maintenance

Cobham's expertise extends beyond the design of the OBOGS itself.  Cobham's OBOGS are accompanied by a suite of ground support equipment enabling the customer to test on-site to ensure proper system function.  Cobham offers manual and automated ground support and test equipment in a variety of different configurations from on-aircraft test equipment to depot level test stands for equipment including OBOGS and regulators.



Key Benefits of Cobham's OBOGS

  • Unlimited supply of oxygen-rich breathing gas
  • Significantly lower operating and life cycle costs compared to high pressure gaseous oxygen (GOX) and liquid oxygen (LOX)
  • Eliminates the need for logistics infrastructure associated with GOX or LOX systems  including ground facilities to transport and recharge GOX or LOX equipment
  • Greater aircraft availability due to elimination of refilling oxygen bottles after each flight
  • Extend mission deployment flexibility by eliminating logistics support requirements
  • Does not require time consuming pre-flight inspections
  • Modular by design, can be tailored to many applications and/or platforms
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