With heritage in Liquid Oxygen Systems beginning with the development of the full life support system for the U-2 high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft, Cobham has been extending mission duration and performance utilising LOX for over 50 years.

Offering a multitude of solutions to customers, Cobham's liquid oxygen (LOX) systems have been developed for a variety of military aircraft where liquid oxygen is most effective.  With the ability to scale systems to provide oxygen for multiple users for an extended period of time, Cobham can develop systems as the primary oxygen source for a particular platform-mounted or portable application or as a secondary oxygen source to extend mission duration in battlefield operations.


The Passenger Oxygen System (POS)   (part number B45475-1) can supply 100% oxygen to 10 passengers for a total of 6 hours at 25,000 ft or 13 hours with the use of a diluter demand  regulator to users in various applications including passenger aircraft and paratrooper missions.  The POS provides significantly greater oxygen capacity over existing gaseous systems where long duration is required.

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