Cobham Emergency Oxygen Systems supplement any primary system in emergency situations enabling safe mission completion.

Cobham's emergency oxygen systems (EOS), for fighter and tiltrotor aircraft, combine Cobham's expertise in oxygen systems with an understanding of harsh environments and the need for reliability.  When the primary oxygen system fails or the pilot ejects from the aircraft, Cobham's emergency oxygen systems are the source for sustaining uninterrupted oxygen flow. 


A typical Cobham emergency oxygen system starts with a high pressure gaseous source, connected to a Cobham-supplied regulator or reducer which then connects into the downstream oxygen equipment.  The EOS can be manually or automatically actuated depending on system requirements. 


With broad oxygen systems capability, Cobham can offer a more comprehensive solution for emergency oxygen applications. 




Key customer benefits:

  • Pedigree in oxygen system design and high pressure gas management
  • Cobham-designed components ensure optimum system performance and safety
  • Manual or automatic activation
  • Tailored for a variety of applications including fighter aircraft and tiltrotor aircraft
  • Highly reliable design ensures proper system operation in the most harsh environments


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