Cobham is the world’s leading provider of military oxygen systems for high performance aerospace applications

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Cobham's oxygen systems are designed with the mission profile and end-users in mind. Whether its primary or emergency oxygen systems for transport, tanker, cargo or fighter aircraft crew and passengers, high-altitude parachutists, or battlefield medical operations, Cobham's unique pedigree in designing complete oxygen systems for multiple applications ensures an optimised, high performance and reliable oxygen system in any harsh environment. Cobham's capabilities include:

  • Employing multiple technologies as oxygen sources
  • Incorporating state-of-the-art breathing regulation
  • Supplying pilot breathing sensors to monitor respiration and aircraft cabin dynamics
  • Providing superior test equipment and aftermarket support

Next Generation Oxygen Systems



Multiple technologies providing a source of oxygen for any mission

No matter the mission profile, Cobham possesses the technology to satisfy the customer requirement.  Customized for each application, Cobham will work with the customer to provide an oxygen solution that uses gaseous, liquid or Pressure Swing Adsorption-generated oxygen to optimize mission performance and duration.


Cobham specialises in lighter weight gaseous oxygen (GOX) systems, using high pressure composite bottles that provide extended duration and increased performance. Cobham's GOX systems are developed for a variety of applications including aircraft oxygen systems, the state-of-the-art PHANTOM parachutist oxygen system, portable and emergency oxygen systems. 


Cobham's liquid oxygen (LOX) systems have been developed for a variety of military aircraft where liquid oxygen is most effective.  With the ability to scale systems to provide oxygen for up to 10 users for an extended period of time, Cobham can develop systems as the primary oxygen source for a particular application or as a secondary oxygen source to extend mission duration in battlefield operations.


Often utilised as an upgrade on aircraft over existing GOX or LOX systems, Cobham's On-Board Oxygen Generation Systems (OBOGS) provides an unlimited supply of breathing oxygen to pilots and passengers utilising Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology.  Cobham is a pioneer in OBOGS design, with high performance and high reliability OBOGS fielded on fighter, trainer, transport and tiltrotor aircraft.  Cobham's OBOGS provide logistics costs savings over traditional GOX or LOX systems on-board aircraft as well as simplifying battlefield operations in point-of-use oxygen applications.  Cobham OBOGS configurations, currently installed in 3,800 aircraft flying today, have accumulated over 7 million OBOGS flight hours - 30 times more than competitors.


State-of-the-art breathing regulation

Cobham's breathing regulators, integrated as part of the entire oxygen system, are the most widely fielded oxygen regulators in the world, providing unparalleled performance and reliability.  Cobham's regulators, used in a variety of configurations including cockpit panel, ejection seat, chest, and mask mounted, are specifically designed for a wide range of inlet pressures, environmental conditions and mission applications.  With this breadth of capability, Cobham can offer an off-the-shelf or a customized regulator solution depending on the specific requirement.


Ground Support, Test Equipment and Aftermarket Support

Beyond the design of the actual oxygen system Cobham systems typically include additional ground support and test equipment providing on-site testing capability to ensure proper system function.  Cobham offers manual and automated ground support and test equipment in a variety of different configurations from on-aircraft test equipment to depot level test stands for equipment including OBOGS, regulators and high-altitude parachutist oxygen systems.  Additionally, Cobham provides in-house and field service support and training for customers.  Extensive aftermarket expertise ensures the customer's equipment is always available for use.


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