Cobham’s medical oxygen systems provide a continuous supply of oxygen in battlefield medical and forward deployment operations.

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From the battlefield to the field hospital unit, Cobham's medical oxygen systems provide continuous supply of medical-grade oxygen in harsh environments when reliability and performance are most critical.  Leveraging its core expertise in oxygen system design, Cobham offers ground-based and platform-based systems that consistently supply aviator and medical (USP93) grade oxygen, depending on the customer's specific requirement.  Whether it's an off-the-shelf design or a customized solution, Cobham has the expertise to meet or exceed the customer's requirements.   


Multiple Applications from the Battlefield to the Field Hospital Unit

Cobham's Deployable Oxygen Generation System - Medium (DOGS-M), provides a new standard in fixed point-of-use oxygen generation and cylinder recharging.  Producing 120 L/min of medical grade oxygen provides unparalleled flexibility for the supply of medical oxygen in the field.  One DOGS-M can replace the equivalent of 800 H-size cylinders and provide over 80,000 lb of weight savings over a 30 day period.    


Complementing the field hospital unit is the airborne system, Aero Medical Oxygen Generating System (AMOGS), which is installed on the air ambulance Medical Evacuation HH-60 helicopter. This system uses the same Pressure Swing Adsorption technology found in Cobham's OBOGS capability and applies it for patient therapeutic use, allowing combat medics to eliminate dangerous and logistically burdensome high pressure oxygen bottles in the battlefield or medical evacuation sites.


Please contact Cobham for additional information on any of our current medical oxygen systems or the development of your new customized medical oxygen system. With Cobham's oxygen system expertise, Cobham's Medical Oxygen Systems provide extreme flexibility for medical practitioners from the battlefield to the field hospital unit.  


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