From the design of the first breathing regulator for Project Mercury in the 1950's, to pioneering the development of On-Board Oxygen Generation Systems (OBOGS) for aircraft, Cobham has been the market leader in aerospace and defence oxygen systems for over 50 years.

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Cobham, with capability from oxygen source, through breathing regulation to oxygen delivery, works closely with OEMs and end-users to develop optimised and innovative systems designed to meet any customer requirement.

Cobham has expertise working with multiple oxygen sources including high pressure gaseous oxygen systems (GOX), liquid oxygen systems (LOX), On-Board Oxygen Generation Systems (OBOGS) and COGS (Ceramic Oxygen Generating Systems). 

Cobham also designs oxygen components, including regulators with multiple configurations designed for a variety of inlet pressures and environmental conditions, and oxygen sensors and monitors ensuring proper system flow and oxygen purity based on physiology and human performance factors.

Today, Cobham's oxygen systems and specialty components can be found in Commercial aircraft, Military aircraft,  Surface ships and submarines.  Cobham also designs and produces man-mounted systems for HAHO/HALO parachutists, military divers and CBRN respiratory systems, as well as systems for battlefield medical operations and on-site "point of use" applications in remote locations.

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