Cobham is a technology leader in fuel tank inerting systems for all aerospace platform applications.

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Cobham, a world leader in gas separation and high pressure gas management, has been developing and delivering fuel tank inerting systems and subsystems for 30 years. With systems on more than 3,000 aircraft and over 5 million flight hours, Cobham possesses the unique technical ability to design an optimally sized and configured On-Board Inert Gas Generating System (OBIGGS) using either Hollow Fiber Membrane or Pressure Swing Adsorption technology. Cobham OBIGGS are designed for both military and commercial applications.


Reducing the risk of fuel tank explosion

The risk of fuel tank explosions is caused by the presence of all three of the following elements, known as the "fire triangle":  the fuel-rich vapors (or ullage) that build up in the fuel tank, an ignition source, and oxygen from atmospheric air.  Cobham's OBIGGS substantially reduces the risk of explosion by displacing the oxygen in the fuel tank with non-flammable nitrogen-enriched air.  


Unique pedigree with diverse mission profiles and proven technology

Drawing on unparalleled experience in designing fuel tank inerting systems for a broad range of applications, from military attack helicopters to large commercial aircraft, Cobham can develop OBIGGS solutions to accommodate a wide range of mission profiles. Cobham, offering system solutions from the bleed air tap to fuel tank distribution for any aerospace platform, is the only company that can provide fuel tank inerting systems featuring either Hollow Fiber Membrane (HFM) or Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology. Cobham's proven Air Separation Modules can be found on military and commercial aircraft all over the world. 


Optimisation through integration

Cobham optimises fuel tank inerting systems by integrating multiple assemblies and components to achieve the optimal system performance level.  Working with customers early in the design phase to help define requirements and system architecture, Cobham develops precision temperature, pressure and oxygen sensing components to give you the highest-performance, safest, most robust, lowest maintenance solution.



Key Benefits/Features

  • Design for any mission profile: Ability to design and customise fuel tank inerting for any application from small to large, from military to commercial
  • Low Risk, Cost Effective Solutions: Extensive array of off-the-shelf designs, reducing development cost and risk
  • High-performance, lightweight systems: simple designs reduce weight
  • Lower Lifecycle Costs: low maintenance systems, providing high reliability through rigorous system testing and strong field experience equating to lower  life cycle costs
  • Reliable components: Oxygen sensors that provide higher accuracy and stability compared to competition, and other components to optimise system efficiency.
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