Cobham high pressure inert gas systems reduce the risk of fire in enclosed electronics areas by eliminating static discharge

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Cobham, a world leader in gas separation and high pressure gas management, designs and manufactures high pressure inert gas systems for enclosed electronics areas for a variety of aerospace applications, reducing the risk of explosion and fire. Specifically, Cobham's systems are designed to inert a traveling waveguide or radome with dry nitrogen gas to prevent electrical arcing at low altitudes.


Proven heritage and technical capability

With over 60 years of experience designing high pressure gas storage cylinders, precision gas management devices and related components, Cobham has addressed pressure ranges up to 12,000 psi and routinely incorporate materials such as Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Inconel, Titanium, Brass, Monel, and others into pressure vessel design.  From the pressure vessel, Cobham's series of a solenoid valve, fill valve, pressure regulator, and a pressure relief valve ensure optimal system performance.  


With this expertise, Cobham can provide off-the-shelf, flight proven systems, or we can develop custom solutions tailored to a specific application. 

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