From off-the-shelf tanks for commercial satellites to customised application-specific designs, Cobham's is a market leader in Space propellant, pressurant and oxygen tanks for space applications.

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Cobham has designed, developed and qualified the largest composite xenon propellant tank ever flown. This high performance titanium-lined, carbon composite pressure vessel was qualified to launch with 992 lbs of xenon at 1,250 psig.


The full assembly weight of the tank and skirt is less than 49 pounds. This hand laid-up, autoclave cured skirt design is an extremely lightweight and effective solution for integrating the propellant tank with the spacecraft structure.


The hand layed-up, autoclave cured skirt integrates the propellant tank with the rest of the spacecraft structure. The composite skirt is attached to the tank via an adhesive bond.


Cobham, with its flight heritage in pressurant tanks for cold gas propulsion, fuel expulsion, and thrust vector control, also designs pressure vessels that store Xenon propellant.

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