Cobham specializes in highly engineered composite structures with filament winding as our core manufacturing technology.

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Multi-axis, computer controlled Entec filament winding machines are used to produce a variety of composite structures including pressure vessels, accumulators, pressure housings, composite nozzles, shafts and tubes. We also specialize in thick-walled composite structures as well as hand-layed up, autoclave cured laminates. Cobham can take your requirements through initial concept, to engineering design and qualification, and finally long-term production.


A design for Six Sigma  philosophy is the key to our development process. The Lean Six Sigma perspective focuses on all aspects of the business from initial customer contact to delivery of the finished product. 


Through our Excellence in Delivery Programs, we reduce overall manufacturing lead times by deploying innovative supply chain logistics and internal processes. This provides our customers with the best possible lead times for exact quantities desired.


Design and Analysis Processes

Cobham's strong team of composites engineers has the experience necessary to both design and produce complex structures. Analytical tools include ABAQUS for finite element analysis as well as a host of other tools to investigate the effects of the broad spectrum of loads encountered by our products.

  • Metallic and Composite Analysis
  • Finite Element Modeling and Closed-form
  • Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics
  • Shock and Vibration Analysis
  • Bolted and Bonded Joint Analysis
  • Advanced Design and Analysis of Composite Sandwich Structures 


Composite Processing

Experienced in all types of fibers and resins, Cobham has developed unique manufacturing processes designed to maximize the inherent advantages in composites. 


Filament Winding

  • Wet and Tow-preg Winding
  • 3 and 4-axis Computer Controlled Filament Winding Machines
  • Electronically Controlled Tensioners


Hand Lay-up

  • Lay-up and Debulking
  • Autoclave Cure
  • Complex Contours
  • Bushing/Insert Bonding Using Master Alignment Tooling


Modern Facility

Our 40,000 square foot facility is fully equipped to design, manufacture, test and inspect composite structures.  We are ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified.  Our test and inspection systems and equipment are selected specifically to support validation of the integrity of our products.  These systems include a 6 axis ultrasonic scanning system, an infrared thermography system, a CMM, a class 10,000 and 100,000 clean room, and a helium mass spectrometer. 


Testing and Inspection

Cobham certified technicians perform burst testing to 30,000 psi, hydrostatic proof pressure testing and expansion testing, pressure cycle testing, helium mass spectrometer leak testing, IR thermography inspection,

and impact, shock, and gunfire testing. 


Customer Care

As the OEM with engineering expertise and highly trained technicians, Cobham can offer the kind of quality maintenance that can make the difference between condemning a damaged cylinder or restoring it to full use.

Cobham in Westminster, MD is an Authorized DOT Requalification Facility per 49 CFR (CFFC/FRP/3AL). Additional service capability includes: Oxygen Cleanliness Certification to RR-C-901C and cylinder refurbishment.


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