Composite Hybrid Structures integrate the best aspects of composites and metallics to create unique solutions to structural and mechanical component requirements.

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Because of our unique expertise in composites engineering, filament winding, and metal to composite bonding, Cobham is able to design and produce competitively priced composite hybrid structures to meet your most demanding weight, strength and safety requirements. Cobham's ability to integrate composites with metal components allows complex mechanical subassemblies, fittings and joints to be added to these high performance composite forms thus opening up many design options for our customers.  




Cobham's aspirator technology, with its inherent lightweight design, has been qualified and has flight heritage on large commercial aircraft. The unique composite to metallic bond process Cobham developed allowed us to take advantage of the strength, weight and corrosion resistance advantages inherent in composites while maintaining the existing aluminum metallic nozzle design.  


Launch Tubes

Cobham has produced launch tubes for the US Army and US Navy, including the US Navy's Surface Vessel Torpedo Tube system.  


Rocket Motor Cases


Cobham has been engaged in highly successful technology development efforts with the US Army including structural health monitoring of composite rocket motor cases and also electron beam curing.


Torque Tubes, Drive Shafts and Flywheels

Cobham has also been involved in development efforts with major automotive drive train companies to develop all composite drive shafts.  We are also in the process of developing extremely lightweight torque tubes for commercial aircraft actuation systems.


Cobham is the world leading producer of composite flywheel rims used as an alternate source for energy storage. With its engineering talent and advanced process controls, Cobham is the first in the world to produce continuously wound, thick walled (seven inch thick, 2,000 pound) flywheel rims on a consistent basis to enable production quantities. The quality of our product and rate of production is unsurpassed.  



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